Friday, 12 September 2014

Off the Grid

I'm writing this on my iPad in the middle of a forest. I'll upload it as soon as I encounter some internet....

But you see, being on a camping trip with my other half has made me realise how important getting away from things can be.

We've written before on this blog about finding the balance as Indie Authors between work and our personal lives, relaxing, recharging, and I have always admitted that whilst it's the ideal, it almost never happens. I didn't think I knew how to switch off. How to forget about the writing, and the blogs, and twitter and everything else that goes with it.

We become so caught up in the promotional work and the deadlines. Because we work for ourselves we push ourselves the hardest.

So I think that all writers should take a week off and go camping in the woods. No computer, no internet, just the sound of nature. Maybe, somewhere out there, you'll find the next story you want to write, but even if you don't it will properly give you a chance to recharge.

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