Honorary Rock The Book Chicks

This is where you'll find information on our outside reviewers, guest posters, spotlight authors and generally awesome people we think you should know about!

Want to become an Honorary RTB Chick? (Or Dude!)

Volunteer to review - we don't pay our reviewers (otherwise we'd mostly be paying ourselves) and there are so many books to read and so little time - so if you think you can spare a little time to read a book (let us know how many you'd like in a week/a month/a year) and write a review and we'd love to have you as part of the team.

Be a Spotlight Author - this position is reserved for authors that we think deserve a special mention. We chose a new spotlight author once a month. We might pick them ourselves, because we all loved their book, or their interview really fascinated us. But more likely it will be because on of our Indie readers has recommended them. So shout about an Indie author you love and we'll do our best to feature them.

Guest Post - we are always delighted to have people guest post on the blog - so if you think you have something interesting you want to share with our readers let us know. If you're an Indie author who has some great advice or insight, let us know. One guest post from you is a post we don't have to write ;)

Be Generally Awesome - Ok, this one's tough. But if you are a completely awesome person who we think runs a brilliant Indie blog, or a great review blog, or well....anything really awesome, we'll feature you too! You just need to contact us and help us find your awesome blog/general awesomeness. (Now I've said awesome just a few too many times...)

Emily, a college student from Wisconsin, runs a book review blog called rooftopreading, and now she helps us review books by awesome Indie authors, too!

Anka, reader, book reviewer, and blogger at Reviews with a Twist, now helps us show the world that Indie authors rock!

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