Thursday, 11 September 2014

A Rocking Interview With Lindsey Sablowski

Today we have Lindsey Sablowski sharing her insight into the world of writing. Be sure to check out her website.

What made you decide to go Indie and self-publish?
My first book was published by Old Line Publishing, a traditional publishing company, when I was 18 years old. I was actually thrilled to have a publisher, having spent four years searching for one. I love the company; they are located in Maryland, and the communication between them and the authors is great. I've met the founder at several events, and he is always very supportive of my work. They are definitely a great company to start out with, and I'll always praise them to the highest degree.
However, I decided to self-publish because I was used to working on promotions and editing on my own. Self-publishing offered me a chance I always wondered about and had never previously taken. At the age of 19 when my second book, Shadows and Embers, was finished I decided to self-publish through Createspace. I do so again this year with my third book, and I am glad of the decision.
I've had a taste of both world, though make no mistake I haven't been with one of the top publishing companies. I still attend events with OLP authors, and fortunately now I can bring along my self-publishing books as well and share my stories. 
At the end of the day it was my faith in my books that helped me make the decision. It's great now being able to track my sales and how much royalty I earn and so forth. 

What do you think is the benefit of going Indie and self-publishing your own work?
The benefit is that you have complete control over your book and its entire publishing process. Every step of the way you are in control, and you decide what happens. Unlike with a publisher you don't need to wait 9 months or more for them to be ready to start preparing your book for publication. You start as soon as you want to. Also, you earn more royalty as a self-published author. With a traditional publishing company the highest royalty you may ever make is 12%, whereas with self-publishing you can make about 35-70% (depending on the company you chose and etc.). 

What do you think is the biggest challenge an Indie author faces?
The biggest challenge is being recognized. The publishing industry is huge, books are so easy to come by. What will make someone read your book over say a best-seller like Stephen King? Also it's difficult for indie authors to have their books inside of bookstores. 
What are you working on right now?
My third book, Thicker Than Blood, just released on August 1st. The story follows Alaire Sencler, one of the five remaining Dark magicians. This is the third installment in the Magicians series. 
With that being complete I'm starting on the fourth book in the series, Bloodline Inheritance. I don't want to reveal too much about the book yet, seeing as Thicker Than Blood just released. However, I will say this book follows the story of a new character and leads into a lot of action. I expect this book to be releasing sometime in 2015. 

What advice can you share with other Indie and aspiring Indie authors?
Write and publish the story you're willing to stand or fall with. The best stories come from the heart.

Which authors inspire you?
J.K. Rowling, John Green, Stephen King, Michael J. Sullivan, and many others. Michael J. Sullivan was actually a huge influence for me; I've spoken with him several times via email, and he attended my first book signing at Greetings and Readers about two years ago. 
I found reading the struggles of authors helped me a lot with coming to terms with rejection when I first started out as an author. The famous authors we know and love today once were in the same position, being told their work did not deserve to be published. It was inspiring to see that despite their struggles they kept moving forward until they succeeded. 

What genre are your books?
Fantasy, but you can definitely expect romance added in as well.

Why do you write in the genre that you do?
Fantasy books have always been my favorite to read, and honesty it offers a very open world. I wanted to create worlds that people could escape to while being able to relate to the characters. I also love the possibilities that are available when you write fantasy; anything can happen.

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