Thursday, 25 September 2014

A Rocking Interview With Elizabeth Blake

Today we have Elizabeth Blake sharing her experience as an author. Learn more about Elizabeth Blake on her website.

What do you think is the benefit of going Indie and self-publishing your own work?
Self-publishing provides an author with complete control. I've been published with a publishing company and also have self-published. A publisher decides what price to put on the book, which cover artist to use, how the editing will be done. Also, working through a publishing company takes months, even years. Self-publishing is done on your own time schedule. I'm much happier self-publishing.

What do you think is the biggest challenge an Indie author faces?
I think the biggest challenge any author faces is marketing. 

What advice can you share with other Indie and aspiring Indie authors?
Take your time. Pay someone to edit if you have to. Make sure you're putting your best out there. GET A GOOD COVER!

What genre are your books?
I've written two memoirs, one e-romance published by Keith Publishing, and edited/contributed to an anthology. Four books in all.

How much research do you do when you write?
I did a lot of research for my e-romance "Shelter of Love." My heroine is a veterinarian's assistant wanting to start an animal shelter, and concerned about endangered species.
When I wrote my memoirs, I read and read and read memoirs and also read "How-to write a memoir" books to learn the craft.

When did you decide to become a writer?
I've always wanted to be a writer. It took a lot of years and hard work to learn the craft, and I'm still learning.

How long, on average, does it take you to write a book?
I don't write 40 hours a week, so it takes me about a year to write a complete book.

Tell us about the covers and how they came about.
I'm very happy with my latest cover for "Conquering Challenges - A Working Mother's Story". It was done by Travis Miles. His prices are very reasonable and he's good.
The cover for "Shelter of Love' was done by my publisher, Keith Publisher. I'm very happy with that cover also.
I did the cover for my other two books and they're just okay. I'm not the most artistic person in the world. That's why I went with Travis for my latest cover.

How do you market your books?
I use Goodreads, Author's Den, Twitter, and Facebook.

What part of your writing time do you devote to marketing your book?
Marketing is very time-consuming and takes up a big chunk of my writing time.

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