Wednesday, 27 August 2014

A Petition to Add More Hours to the Day

...Because there needs to be more!  Right?

My high school calculus teacher (who was the awesomest*, by the way!) once decided to dedicate a class period to time management instead of higher mathematics.  He had us do this simple little exercise:  Write down all the things you do each day, and how long you spend on them.  Everything from teeth-brushing to sports practice.  Don't forget sleep.

OK, class.  Get out your paper 'n' pencil, and write it all down.  ;)


Alrighty....  Anybody come up with more than 24 hours? 


...So how does that work?  Hint: the first thing to go is usually sleep.

Most of us Indie authors are working at least two jobs.  Author.  PR rep.  That's before you consider that many of us have a day job as well.  So that's three.  Now, add in a personal life.  Perhaps a family.  Friends.  Either we are seriously over-achievers, or we simply love writing so much that we are willing to grind ourselves into the ground for the mere hope that someone out there will read and connect with our writing.

Now, you may ask if I have a point.  Am I saying that readers should appreciate how much Indie authors put into their work?  Am I asking Indie authors to look after themselves and try to get the rest they need and deserve?  Am I advocating cutting out the unnecessary crap that doesn't seem to be selling any books?  

No!  I am petitioning to add more hours to the day because I want to do it all!  Indie authors, are you with me?  Sign my petition by commenting below and telling us how many hours are in your day?

*Yes, I know that's not a word.  It is now.

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