Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A Rocking Review of Procythian Reign


Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Rating: 4 Guitars

Welcome to Proceena, corporate capital of the Procyon 2 System, a place where Humanity leads a double life: One of opulent wealth and one of crushing poverty.  Now, these worlds will collide, forever changing the lives of those caught between them.  Laura Clabar is the niece of the local ore baron and reigning corporate authority. She lives a life of privilege and comfort.  But after falling for an idealistic politically active indigo (Proceena's working class), she begins to question if there is more to power and status than a life of creature comforts and luxury.  Does she have a novel obligation to protect those less fortunate? Or, should she just go on living her life of opulence, blind to the suffering of others? Eric Phillips is an officer in the Guild of Proceena's Workers, and a fiery, intense radical.  He wants change and he wants it now.  When a stranger enters his life, it looks like he just might get it.  But is there room in the Progyon System for both of them? Can an angry revolutionary work hand-in-hand with a sworn class enemy, or will Laura soften his iron temperament?  And, can they stay one step ahead of her uncle's relentless henchman, Leo Krisminski?  Get this, dark, fast-paced space opera and find out!

Why It Rocked:
When I first picked this book up I had to take some time to get into the writing style of the author, but once I did this book engulfed me in a well-established futuristic world.  The fact that the author took the time to allow the reader knowledge of the world and the classes shows how well established and researched Proceena is.  At first the jump between characters like Mike, Eric, Laura and Leo Krisminski is a bit disorienting but once the characters are established the writing really settles into a flow and make the read much faster and an easier read.  There was not one second of this book that wasn't packed with action to keep readers on their toes!  I would recommend a more mature audience for this book due to some of the language and content of this book.  However for an adult audience I felt that the more mature scenes and content were done with tact and class which is something that, as a reader, I really appreciate from authors.  I know there is already another Proceena book out and I can't wait to pick it up!

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