Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A Rocking Review of The Doctor's Daughter: Journey to Justice by Belle Blackburn

The Doctor's Daughter: Journey to Justice

Genre: Historical Mystery / Romance
Rating; 4 Guitars
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Everybody, including her mother, believes that Kate's father committed suicide. Determined to prove otherwise, Kate sets out on a fascinating and sometimes hysterical journey through antebellum law and medicine. Set in 1860s Nashville and told with a biting wit, determined Kate finally discovers the truth - but at what cost? Will she ruin her own life trying to defend the life of her dead father?

Why It Rocked
This is a well written and ridiculously well researched historical novel. I haven't come across as faithful a depiction of Antebellum life since Margaret Mitchell. I especially enjoyed the light shed on both rural and modern medical practices of the time and, for one, am very glad of the medical advancement made since the 1860s! Although the book had a slow start (especially with the flashbacks of Kate's parents and early childhood), once it took off, I couldn't put it down. Kate is determined to see that her father's murder is avenged, and that search leads her on an interesting path filled with bad decisions and regret. I wanted to shake her several times for not recognizing certain signposts, but she does grow by the end of the novel, much to my relief. Warning: this ends on a cliffhanger! I seriously had to triple check my Kindle to make sure I had indeed reached the end. I am left with some serious unanswered questions, and I REALLY hope there is a sequel.

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  1. My grandfather was a doctor and surgeon so this really sounds interesting!