Monday, 23 June 2014

Why Indie Authors Are Like Rock Stars

Here at Rock The Book, we think Indie authors are pretty awesome. In fact, we think they are rock stars. Nope. That’s not a stretch in our logic. Think about what makes a true rock star.
Rock stars push boundaries. Rock stars don’t let the word ‘no’ stop them.  When they find a closed door, they push it open.  Indies do the same thing.  They take the fate of their work into their own hands. The old way to get published (write a book, find an agent, hope and pray that agent can get one of the big publishers to take a chance on you, then hope and pray the publisher will actually market you) just isn’t good enough. Indies don’t wait on so-called gatekeepers.  They push through any boundaries in their way.
Rock stars have great backup.  What is a rock star without a great band behind them? Even solo artists have backup.  Indies do too.  None of us are doing it all alone.  We get help from fellow writers, bloggers, readers, family and friends. It takes a whole rocking village to make our work shine.
Rock stars take advantage of the newest technology.  There is a reason music sounds different today than it did 30 years ago.  The technology of making music has changed and a smart musician takes advantage of that.  It is thanks to the eReader that Indies have been able to get their work out there. Today, Indie authors have so many resources online it’s staggering! There are blogs, websites, message boards and software to help craft a story, get formative feedback, edit, format, and market it.  
Rock stars depend on their fans.  Just as rockers need fans to shout their praise and share their music with friends, Indies depend on their readers.  There is no greater thing than word-of-mouth advertising.  Nothing beats a friend telling another friend about a great book they’ve just read.  That is why reviews mean so much to Indie authors.  They are the readers’ stamps of approval.
So how can you help? Read Indie books.  Leave a review.  Tell us at Rock The Book what you love. If you are an Indie author, leave a comment or get in touch to let us know how we at Rock The Book can support you. 

-by Leti Del Mar

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